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Plant Design Engineering Services

Plant Design Engineering Services

Vegazva provides a full spectrum of engineering consulting services for each phase of project design development, from concept to definite design and documentation for construction. We help clients build new plants and revamp their existing plants innovatively, cost-effectively, and expeditiously.

Our Plant/Process Design engineering services enable our customers to optimize their capital expenditure and improve operational efficiency downstream. We have the capability& competence of providing end-to-end solutions for right various engineering disciplines namely Process, Piping, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Project Management.

Our Services

Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Piping Engineering Piping Engineering
Process Engineering Process Engineering
Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering
Civil & Structural Engineering Civil & Structural Engineering
Project Planning, Management, and Consulting Project Planning, Management, and Consulting

Our expertise in designing ducts, chutes, vents, conveyors, piping aeration etc. with exceptional quality and a comprehensive list of deliverables as listed below:

  • Preparation of design basis and standard drawings
  • Inquiry specifications and data sheets
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Preparing design calculations
  • Technical bid evaluation of vendor offers and technical review
  • Mechanical Design Basis
  • Technical Bid Analysis
  • Mechanical Strength Calculation
  • Preparation of Mechanical GA Drawings
  • Vendor Drawing Review
  • GFC and Fabrication Drawing
  • Finite Element Analysis

The Piping Design Department of Vegazva Plant Design Services offers design and detail engineering services for oil & gas, pharmaceutical, refinery, chemical, power plant, utility, and other allied industry segments. We offer the following piping design services:

  • Front End Engineering Design
    • Plot Plan Development
    • Conceptual Pipe Routing
  • Basic Engineering Design
    • Pipe & Pump Sizing Calculation
    • Stress Analysis
    • Pipe Support Standard
    • Piping Load Data for Support Design
    • Piping Design Criteria Development
    • Piping Sizing Calculation
    • Pressure Drop Calculation
    • Piping Material Selection and Specification Preparation
  • Pre-bid Engineering Design
    • Feasibility Study and Detailed Project Report
    • Review Basic Inquiry Drawings/Documents
    • Data Collection from Client/Site
    • Conceive Proposed Pipe Routing
    • Estimating Bill of Quantities for Proposal Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering Design
    • Piping GAD
    • Support Engineering
    • Design of Fire Protection System
    • Pipe & Pipe Fittings MTO/BOQ List
    • Fasteners MTO/BOQ List
    • Valve MTO/BOQ List
    • Piping Support MTO/BOQ List
    • Special Component MTO/BOQ List
    • Piping Isometric
    • Piping Support (Primary/Secondary) Detail Drawing
    • IBR Isometric
  • 3D Modeling
    • Customization
      1. Pipe Specification Customization
      2. Catalogue Creation/ Customization
      3. Property Setting
      4. Attribute Settings
      5. Template Customization for GAD, Isometric, Support Detail Drawing
      6. Report Template Customization for BOQ and List
    • Model Generation
      1. Equipment Modeling
      2. Piping Support Modeling
      3. Civil Foundation Modeling
      4. Structure Modeling
      5. Cable Tray Modeling
      6. Junction Box Modeling
      7. Field Instrument Modeling
      8. 3D Model Creation from 2D Drawing
      9. Clash Check & Report Generation
    • Drawing / Report Generation
      1. Equipment Layout
      2. Piping & Support Layout
      3. Isometric Extraction
      4. Support Detail Drawing Extraction
      5. Line List, Valve List, MTO/BOQ

Vegazva Process Engineering department offers everything right from the Process Flow Diagram (PFD) to preparing the Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID). Our typical process engineering services are:

  • Heat & mass balance
  • Line sizing
  • Process flow diagram (PFD)
  • Piping & instrumentation diagram (P&IDs)
  • Equipment specification
  • Design philosophy
  • Basic Engineering Design
    • Electrical
      1. Electrical Design Basis
      2. Electrical Load List
      3. Transformer Sizing Calculation
      4. System Study (Load flow and short circuit, Motor Starting, Arc Flash)
      5. Cable Sizing Calculation
      6. Technical Specification for HV/MV/LV Switchgears
      7. Technical Specification for Power and Control Cables
      8. Technical Specification for UPS
      9. Technical Specification for Bus Duct
      10. Technical Specification for HV/LV Motor
      11. Technical Specification for Earthing & Lightening Protection System
      12. Technical Specification for Lighting System
      13. Technical Specification for ELV Systems
      14. Technical Specification for Bulk Material
      15. Overall Single Line diagram
      16. Preliminary Substation Equipment Layout
    • Instrumentation
      1. Basic Design and Control Philosophy of Instrumentation & control
      2. Preparation of Instrument Location Layout
      3. Preparation of Technical Specification for Field Instruments
      4. Technical Specification for procurement of cables for I&C
      5. Technical Specification for PLC/DCS
      6. Preparation of P&ID


  • Detail Engineering Design
    • Electrical
      • Design and Calculation
        1. Electrical Power Consumption Schedule
        2. System Study (Load flow and short circuit, Motor Starting, Relay Co-ordination, Arc Flash)
        3. AC UPS Sizing calculation
        4. Battery Charger sizing Calculation
        5. Battery Sizing calculation
        6. Cable Sizing Calculation
        7. Cable Schedule
        8. Earthing Sizing Calculation
        9. Lighting Calculation
        10. Lightning Protection Calculation
        11. Bus duct Calculation
        12. CT Sizing calculation
        13. I/O List for PLC/SCADA
      • Design and Calculation
        1. Technical Data sheet for Transformer
        2. Technical Data sheet for Switchgear
        3. Technical Data sheet for MV/LV Motor
        4. Technical Data sheet for Bus Duct
        5. Technical Data sheet for AC UPS
        6. Technical Data sheet for ELV Systems
        7. Technical Data sheet for Battery Charger UPS
        8. Technical Datasheet for NGR
      • Electrical Drawing
        1. Metering and Protection SLD for Switchgears/Distribution Board
        2. SLD for PDB/MLDB Panel
        3. SLD for LDB Panel/Fixture Schedule
        4. Lighting Block Diagram
        5. Equipment Location Plan for ELV Systems
        6. Equipment Layout for Substation
        7. Earthing & Lightning Protection layouts
        8. Cable Tray layouts
        9. Lighting layouts
        10. Cut-Out & Insert Plate Layout Drawings
        11. Typical Installation detail for Power /Earthing /Lighting
        12. Architectural Drawing of the systems
        13. Hazardous Area Classification Drawings
        14. Interconnection Schedule
      • Material Requisition
        1. Material Requisition for all Electrical Equipments
        2. RFQ for Packages
      • Technical Bid Evaluation
        1. Technical Bid Evaluation for all Electrical Equipments
      • Vendor's Engineering Review
        1. Review of Vendor drawing/document for all Electrical Equipments
    • Instrumentation
      • Junction Box Schedule and Layout
      • Instrument Location Plan
      • Instrument Cable Tray Layout
      • Control Room Equipment Layouts
      • Preparation of Inter-Connection Drawings
      • Technical Data sheet for Field instrument
      • Termination drawing for field instrument
      • Hook-up Drawings for Instruments
      • Material Requisition for Field Instrument
      • Material Requisition for Instrumentation cable
      • Material Requisition for junction box
      • RFQ for Packages
      • Review of Vendor drawing/Document for Field Instrument
      • Review of Vendor drawing/Document for Instrumentation cable
      • Review of Vendor drawing/Document for junction box

The Civil & Structural team at Vegazva is the right combination of experience and adaptation test technologies that give a winning edge. Our approach to business is especially highlighted by our structural engineering know-how. Our commitment to innovate Civil and Structural Engineering and worldwide earthquake safety is pushing us in a new direction.

  • The service is being classified into the following types:
    1. Structural Steel Detailing
    2. Design and analysis
    3. Structural Estimation & Take-off
    4. Structural Rebar Detailing
  • Structural Steel Detailing:
    1. Connection Drawing
    2. Steel Fabrication Drawing
    3. Steel Shop Drawings
    4. Steel Erection Drawings
    5. Staircase, Handrails & Misc. Detailing
    6. Bill of Materials
    7. CNC Data
    8. Gather Sheets
  • Design and analysis:
    1. Design and Engineering for Industrial Facilities, Process Buildings, Pipe Racks, Offshore Platforms, Elevated Structures & Warehouses
    2. General arrangement & Erection drawings
    3. Design for Equipment (Tank, Pile, etc.) foundation & equipment skids
    4. Design of modular process structure and racks
    5. Structural Analysis
    6. RCC Design
  • Structural Estimation & Take-offs:
    1. Pre-bid steel take-offs
    2. Pre-bid rebar take-offs
    3. Bar bending Schedule
  • Structural Rebar Detailing:
    1. Concrete Form Drawings
    2. Reinforcement Detail Drawings
    3. Bar Bend

We provide professional project management and consulting services to a number of clients across the globe. Our project management knowledge and capabilities are backed by an in-house design engineering team and synchronize with various disciplines like mechanical, civil & structural, process/plant engineering, and other allied engineering disciplines.
On the basis of your requirement, we can behave as owner’s representative or an EPCM consultant and deliver a high level of client service focused on quality, competence to budget, and on-time completion of the project work.

  • Preparation of Front-end engineering/design packages
  • Preparation of Design Basis
  • Design and Detail engineering
  • Floating tenders, bid evaluation & recommendations
  • Review & approval of package design
  • Project Planning, management, and control
  • Inspection & expediting at vendors works
  • Site Construction management and assistance in installation and commissioning


Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Chemicals & Fertilizers
Chemicals & Fertilizers
Power & Energy
Power & Energy
Water and Waste Water
Water and Waste Water
Paper and Pulp
Paper and Pulp

Signature Projects

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Design Engineering for Desalination Plant
Piping and Structural Detail Design Work for Blast Furnace
Piping and Structural Detail Design Work for Blast Furnace
Engineering for Coke Dry Quenching System
Engineering for Coke Dry Quenching System
Mechanical Detail Engineering Projects for Cement Plants
Mechanical Detail Engineering Projects for Cement Plants
Iron Ore Beneficiation Project
Iron Ore Beneficiation Project
Pulverized Coal Injection System
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